How do we deal with the increasing complexity of the built environment?

How can we create intelligent, delightful experiences that connect the physical with the digital?

How do we build transformative client solutions within a global AEC practice?

How do we use digital design thinking to build a more purposeful built world?


We're a group of curious creators. design thinkers. inventive developers.

We are a trans-disciplinary team seeking to infuse digital solutions into the AEC industry. We bring a startup approach and r&D focus to interesting challenges at the intersection of data, devices and the built environment.

What we do

Spatial intelligence and experience

We combine next-gen technologies with modern software development to engineer user-driven solutions within healthcare, workplace, education, and beyond.

Our team

We come from diverse paths and backgrounds, and put that to use in our ideas and projects.

Our thoughts

The Purpose of i/o

With a seamless global technology platform in place, in 2017, we set out towards higher goals and aspirations – how do we radically innovate our entire business and project pipeline using technology as the driving force?

Innovation Framework

Within a larger legacy organization it can often be difficult to effectively evaluate and strategically implement various innovation ideas. This framework is the process we have developed and implemented to evaluate a portfolio of innovation ideas for strategic investment and development.

Campus Intelligence

The campus is like a small country with governance, citizens, tourists, etc. How does the next wave of “smart” principles get applied within the clearly defined boundaries of a campus – education, healthcare, and beyond.