Where do we operate?

The 5 extended intelligences represent the domains of the insight i/o group. Each domain is a field of applications, tools and products which serve to improve our internal operations and business functions and target new opportunities to transform our services for our clients. Outputs from various tools become inputs for others across domains creating an “extended intelligence network.”

THE Network Map

Domain of information which can be derived from analysis of images. This includes computer vision analysis of static images as well as real-time video analysis for data gathering. Useful for generating data and creating information from qualitative sources. Also includes OCR text reading capability for reading scanned documents.

Social Intelligence

Information about users derived from social metrics including communication and activity analysis. Utilizes methods of Social Physics and network-graph-theory to segment and understand user behavior and patterns to predict outcomes.

Business Intelligence

Data gathering and analysis of elements which can be measured as part of a system. Generally quantitative information about users, spaces, systems and activity. Might be client-provided, open data or sensor output. Excel is only the beginning.

Design Intelligence

Information derived from design sources including digital models and project planning metrics. Also includes industry domain knowledge which can be quantified or qualitative design metrics which can be measured comparitively.

Constitutes any and all data which can be mapped spatially. Analysis tools can use spatial distance as a feature in models. Data often includes output from other domain tools.